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About PDS Print

PDS Print is an established family business that has supplied a wealth of quality print products to the local community for over 40 years.

At its core, we have a team of talented and motivated individuals who care about what they do. Dedication to customer service and delivery of a quality product has enabled us to build a successful business that continues to grow.

PDS Print began in the mid-seventies when three partners started the business in Plymouth, Devon. One of them was a printer from London who worked in Fleet Street, printing the Express & Sun newspapers and was looking for a way out of the hectic rat race and wanted to start his own business.

His name was Ron Bryan. Now, his son, Gordon, Gordon's wife, Tracy, and their son Richard still run the business today over 50 years later, making PDS a third-generation business and one of the oldest printers in Plymouth.

Our Clients

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