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What Are the Benefits of Print?

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Many studies suggest that print advertising is the most cost-effective form of marketing, with a higher return on investment than most digital medias. Believe it or not, 76% of small businesses state that their most effective marketing campaigns include a combination of both print and digital communications!

(Pitney Bowes Survey / Choose Print)

So why is print the ideal medium for you to grow your business with?


Printed media often carries a greater sense of legitimacy due to the over saturation of online display advertising, which in oftentimes can be overwhelming to an audience. Not only that, but people are becoming more and more cautious of clicking on online ad links for fear of the potential risk of viruses.


Print is a fantastic way to solidify your brand. Adverts should convey a consistent look to them when it comes to colours, imagery, and fonts in order to establish and maintain a greater recognition. This then brings a sense of familiarity, which causes potential clients to be more inclined to purchase from you.


Since print is a physical medium, it has a higher chance of being around for a lot longer, whilst internet ads and emails are much more disposable. People will often place a business card or a flyer in a drawer, pin them above their desk, or pass on to someone else. With print, viewers will instantly see your branding the moment they look at your flyer. Whereas emails on the other hand? Well oftentimes they just get deleted before you’ve even opened them, don’t they.

Less Saturation

With more and more businesses moving to advertising only on the internet, print media now has an easier job in finding its voice, and cutting through all that noise. So make sure that your branding stands out above the rest in order to be most effective in retaining recognition!


Consumers are often way more engaged when reading printed material than they are on the web. Instead of scrolling straight past your content without a second thought, people are subconsciously more drawn to print. If it means enough to someone to get it printed, it could mean something to them too. Generating focus and engagement could be the difference between receiving business from a new client or not.


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