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How to Make Your Business a Success in 2021

With all the events of the Coronavirus, the past year has been extremely tough on small businesses in particular. Questions such as ‘when’s the time to market my business?’ and ‘how can I be certain that my business will survive?’ have crossed many minds.

Our answer is that you need to be constantly marketing your business to ensure potential customers know about you! Successful marketing will ensure that your business thrives. Check out our list below for some of our best marketing tips in 2021 to help you bounce back and increase visibility of your brand.

1. Professional Branding

Higher-quality branding = a more Professional business. This is how customers view branding. If you were to place two similar companies logos side by side, without any further information, or insight into the company, a customer will always choose the one that looks more visually appealing and associate it with quality. First impressions count! So be sure the your branding is of top quality in order to help ensure that potential customers choose you!

2. A Fully-Optimised Website

What makes the difference between people knowing about you, and people buying from you? It's your website.

A website is the perfect online space to truly demonstrate who you are, and what your business is all about. Adverts like business cards and flyers, or even online ads on social media are excellent to increase brand-awareness, but they can only convey so much info. A website is your virtual shop window, where potential clients can find out about the products and services you offer, read your monthly magazine online, and share your content to raise awareness through their own social media!

At PDS Print, all the websites we produce are fully-optimised for responsive viewing on all types of devices, and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to help you get listed high on Google's search results! Find out more.

3. Increase Visibility in your local area with Flyers

In the past, printed advertising used to struggle to find it's footing. With so many printed adverts everywhere in newspapers, magazines and posters, they tended to not stand out as much from each other.

However, with more and more businesses moving to advertise only on the internet, print media now has an easier job in finding its voice and cutting through all that noise. So make sure that your branding stands out above the rest in order to be most effective in retaining recognition! A flyer through a letterbox will definitely stand out more than a generic advert after every 2-3 posts on a social media feed!

Consumers are often way more engaged when reading printed material than they are on the web. Instead of scrolling straight past your content without a second thought, people are subconsciously more drawn to print.

4. Get on Social Media

There are a great many reasons as to why you should be using social media for your business, such as communication between you and your customers, boosting your leads and sales, and increasing your brand awareness!

If people don't know about you, then how can they become customers? Social media plays a key role in essentially free marketing. And that's the best bit; it's free! Therefore social media profiles are extremely cost effective, as all you will be spending is a little of your time. By increasing your visibility, your content can reach a vast range of potential customers quickly and effectively.

Wether your communication with customers is casual or formal, you need to practise the tone that's perfect for you. Followers want to see real people behind the profile!

Missing out on business from your social media accounts due to your busy schedule? Let PDS run them for you! Includes 2-3 posts per week, and FREE artwork! Find out more.

5. Banners

Because print can be consumed in a simple, easy to read format, it improves the experience for a consumer and presents your brand positively. When a prospect reads your print material, they are more likely to retain it. Studies show that we’re able to retain information read on print better than if we read it online. This is because print is much more easily processed by the brain, which increases recall! Print also stimulates a strong emotional response.

There's no better way to increase recognition of your business in your local area than by using banners! Banners are the perfect solution for branding, advertising, and reaching a large audience quickly and efficiently. There are countless benefits of using banners for businesses and organizations of all types, such as being more cost-effective and increasing your brand awareness, whilst also being more environmentally friendly.


Contact PDS Print to discuss how we can help you market your business today!


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