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How Do I Distribute My Flyer?

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

So you’ve got your flyer - now you just need to get it into the hands of your target audience.

There’s a whole host of ways to do this but below we run through some of our favourites:


You could post your flyers to your prospects. Of course you need to know their addresses for this to work, and you’ll also have to factor in the address/postage area into your design.

Make sure you also factor in the cost of postage when planning your campaign - it will be more than the cost of printing and therefore likely to more than double your costs! 

However, getting your flyer delivered to your target audience is a great way of ensuring it is at least SEEN by the right people.


If you’re selling goods or already delivering/posting something to your target audience then you could use your flyers as inserts and ‘insert’ them into whatever you’re already sending. 

If you don’t send anything to your target audience, find someone who is and ask if you can feature your flyer as an insert into their deliveries. There will be a cost to this but it’s another great way of getting your flyer seen.


Book a stand at an exhibition or trade show and hand out your flyers to people that walk past your stand. 

Door to Door

If your target audience is location based, but you don’t know their addresses - then you could distribute your flyers door to door. Just head to the location you want to cover and pop the flyers through the letterboxes of every house you want.

This is obviously very time consuming and you might want to grab a few helpers in order to cover a decent area.

You can also use a flyer distribution service who’ll do this bit for you.

Google “flyer distribution service in [Your Target Location]” and have a look at the prices. 

The best companies offer GPS tracking and other services to give you confidence that the flyers are actually being delivered.


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